Psychic Consultation

In Person Psychic Consultation:


Please call 905-522-3331 for an appointment. It is Saveta's office policy to book any/all in person psychic consultations by phone only; NEVER via the internet.


All in person psychic consultations are by appointment only and recorded if the client wishes, as a courtesy.


Each client is welcome to bring photos (living or deceased) and/or business cards of people they wish to include in the course of the reading. The number of photos allowed is dependent on the length of appointment (see chart below).


Life areas might include questions regarding health, financial, personal or career.

By Phone Psychic Consultation:


Step One
Please email a photo of yourself (old passport photos are fine). Saveta must be able to see subject(s) face in all photos clearly, no photos with subject wearing sunglasses accepted.

Be sure to include a phone number to contact you in order to book your phone reading.

Step Two
You will receive a call to book an appointment or alternately you may receive an email indicating Saveta is unable to offer a phone reading for you.

Step Three
During this phone call, a specific appointment time for phone reading will be booked, and payment option explained.

Step Four
Additionally, depending on length of reading, you are welcome to email photo(s) (living or deceased) and/or business card of anyone you wish to discuss during your phone consultation (see chart below).


Life areas might include questions regarding health, financial, personal or career.

All phone consultations, with the exception of overseas clients, are booked by phone only never via the internet. No recordings of phone conversations are available from Saveta.

Possible Sample (life area) Questions:


Please do not send your questions ahead of your consultation.

Saveta will not review questions beforehand.

Writing out questions are strictly for clients’ benefit, to assist in keeping key concerns and questions at the top of their minds during course of the reading.


The following sample questions are guidelines only.

Picture # 1 Saveta, this is my girlfriend of six years. We have recently gone through a break-up. Do you see a possible reconcilation in the near future?

Picture #2 Saveta, this is my mother Karen. What do you see with her health within the next 12 months?

Picture #3 Saveta, this is my husband Mitch and Picture #4 is his brother Bruce. What do you see happening with their construction business within the next 12 months?

Picture #5 Saveta, this is my eldest daughter Anne. When do you see her successfully conceiving a child?

Please email photos or images to:
Any other post/mail correspondence, please use mailing address:

Saveta Maria Young
32 Rousseaux Street
Ancaster, Ontario L9G 2W5


30 Minutes|$170|3 Photos| 3-4 Life Areas

45 Minutes|$230|4 Photos| 5-6 Life Areas

60 Minutes|$290|6 Photos| 6-8 Life Areas

90 Minutes|$390|9 Photos|9-12 Life Areas


Covid-19 UPDATE:  Saveta is complying with the current guidelines of Ontario's Emergency Order. At this time, consulting, mentoring services are offered by phone ONLY.