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Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are thoughtful and cheerful sentiments. Clients have given certificates to show appreciation, bring good cheer, or for a dear friend, family member or bridal party or other special occassion.

The following conditions apply to purchase any gift certificate for Saveta Maria Young Psychic services.

Specifically, Saveta asks that anyone previously refused a reading (by her), first submit their photo to her via email before a gift certificate may be purchased on their behalf.

This is an essential step in order to provide Saveta the opportunity to view the photo to determine if she is now able to read successfully or whether she is still experiencing an intuitive block with that individual.

Saveta will immediately respond after receiving the photo to confirm whether she believes a successful reading is possible.

Additionally, if a gift certificate is purchased for someone never previously read by Saveta and she finds herself unable to complete a reading for him or her, a complete refund of the gift certificate will be provided to the original person who paid for the certificate used by the individual refused a reading.
Thank you for your understanding of these conditions.

Gift Certificates are available in 30, 45, 60 and 90 minute reading lengths. Kindly call 905-522-3331 to order your personalized gift certificate.

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