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Hello Out There:

The following are some exciting and important announcements I wanted to share with all of you:


Effective May 1st 2023

I will be discontinuing my Newsletter – Saveta’ s Psychic News in its original subscription format.

This labour of love has reached 30 years published in a subscription format.

The newsletter will most definitely continue, in a different arrangement (at no charge) via future social media posts, on Facebook and Instagram and in my blog posts on my Website.

The formatting under all the original individual Columns will also continue – so fans out there of the Psychic Mailbox, Learning Something New, Omens & Superstations, Making Scents, and Saveta on the Bedpost will happily continue enjoying these original features – in future social media and blog posts – so stay tuned.

Effective May 22nd 2023 prices for Psychic Readings and Mentoring will be changing.

Please note pricing charts under Services tab.

As always for those currently booked and anyone booked, or booking before May 22nd for after this date, they will have all previous prices honored.


In Person Appointments

Effective June 2023 all in person appointments for readings and mentoring will resume at the new Dundas location.

New office location in Dundas with be announced shortly.

Saveta maintains a cancellation list - that you are welcome to join.

Please note Saveta has started new protocol for booking all in person appointments. 

Go to Saveta’s site - for step by step instructions under Services Tab - then Psychic Consultation Tab for complete details. 


Any questions feel free to email Saveta at 

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