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What does a mentoring session with Saveta involve?

Private one on one confidential meetings to discuss most any area of personal concern to the client.


How are mentoring sessions different from the Psychic Readings Saveta is known for professionally?

With mentoring, Saveta does not utilize her normal tools of card or photography reading in combination with Psychic Ability. Each session will focus on providing the client a safe, caring constructive environment to discuss with Saveta areas of concern to help sort out confusion, express bottled feelings, work out constructive strategies to deal with current issues. Obviously, Saveta is a professional Psychic, but many clients have found her advice, input and guidance as a strong, sincere friend who personally has a variety of life experiences, as a spouse, parent, etc., to be wise and healing.

Also, the fact Saveta will be functioning as an objective third party removed from the client's day to day life creates an opportunity for fresh insight and feedback into a variety of situations that family and friends may not be objective enough to provide.

What types of concerns do people come to mentoring with Saveta for?


Confusion with career direction, grieving the loss of a loved one, aging parents, infidelity issues, health crisis, infertility, loss of employment, confusion with sexual orientation, retirement, before marriage or engagement, before/during pregnancy, plans to relocate or return to school, change of residence or work relocation, difficulties with family, in laws, children, anxiety, eating disorders, depression, suicide of a loved one. As you can see, most any subject is comfortable for Saveta to discuss and assist you with.


How do you get started with mentoring through Saveta?


Call 905-522-3331 to set up an initial meeting by phone or in person (free of charge) to discuss needs and goals to be covered with mentoring. During this meeting, the number of sessions needed and costs will be discussed. Each client's needs are as individual as they are and this will be addressed from the onset to allow the client complete control over the entire mentoring experience.


As of May 22, 2023

 5 - 1 hour sessions |   $850

10 - 1 hour sessions | $1,850

15 - 1 hour sessions | $2,250

20 - 1 hour sessions | $2,850

Covid-19 UPDATE:  Saveta is complying with the current guidelines of Ontario's Emergency Order. At this time, consulting, mentoring services are offered by phone ONLY.

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