Workshop - Psychic Development for Beginners - 5-October-2019

Workshop - Psychic Development for Beginners - 5-October-2019

Workshop - Palm Reading for Beginners - 21-Sep-2019

Workshop - Palm Reading for Beginners - 21-Sep-2019

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My name is Saveta Maria Young, and I have been a full time Psychic Consultant since April 1982. Over many years in my practice, numerous opportunities have presented themselves for me to teach private students (one on one) and a variety of workshops. I love teaching because it helps me to continue to learn and grow right along with my students. I have yet to meet a student that didn’t in some way, teach me something!

All these wonderful experiences have created the inspiration to create another series of workshop opportunities to provide some exciting vehicles of learning and development for most anyone eager to expand their intuitive and intellectual horizons.

All workshops offered in the coming months will be at a Beginner (Novice) level unless otherwise stipulated.

Psychic Workshops 2019                                   Offered by Professional Psychic Saveta Maria Young
All Workshops taught at Beginner Level

Introduction to Palm Reading - Do you know which hand tells of your future and which your past? Which finger indicates if a person is a good communicator or an introvert? Do you know how long your money line runs? Which lines are marriage and romance?  Which are your marriage lines? How many marriages indicated? Come and discover how to unlock some truly fascinating information about the palm and what it can foretell!
Saturday September 21st  2019  FULL                                                                                                                                                                                                         
     Location: 2232 Queensway Drive Burlington ON, L9G 2W5

Introduction to Psychic Development  
Learn to identify and understand what type of intuitive abilities you may possess, how best to safely develop them. Learn to recognize difference between your imagination and your intuition. Learn helpful techniques to clear yourself of unwanted energies and to shield yourself energetically from disruptions to your energies.  Additionally each student will be introduced to at least two methods to effectively do their own readings. Come and learn about yourself and others on an intuitive level!
Saturday October 5th  2019  WAIT LIST
Introduction to Past lives and Regression
Do you have an interest in better understanding your own life and some of the people in it? Have you possibly experienced a past life? How can you tell? Have you travelled with someone in this life in a previous life? Could this help explain how you came to be together, apart? Who this life from a possible past life has returned to affect you, emotionally, mentally, physically, financially and perhaps spiritually? Do some of your fears, interests, obsessions or preoccupations connect to lives that you may have lived before happily or not so happily? Come discover some fascinating things about yourself and others using knowledge of past lives and regression to unlock some important clues about yourself.                                                          
Saturday October 19th  2019        WAIT LIST
Face & Body Reading 
Do you know what shape of eyes suggests honesty? What type of mouth indicates promiscuity? What shaping of ears show sincerity?  Do you know that a person’s face indicates accurately what “part” of their lives will be the most “successful” starting from childhood until retirement?  Would you be interested in accurately evaluating key aspects of someone’s true character upon seeing their face for the first time? A wealth of information is available via the human face and body if you knew how to read and interpret the indicators
Saturday November 2nd  2019 FULL 
Introduction to Meditation & Visualization - could you use a boost to your energy, memory, concentration and stress management? Do you know that Meditation and Visualization techniques are used to help most all aspects of your life...? From wellness to recovery to successful romance to improved social, career and financial experiences. Learn some skills to help you move forward with the next chapter of your life exactly the way you desire. Come and learn a series of safe and effective ways to empower, improve and take care of yourself in all areas of your life!
Saturday November 16th  2019    FULL                                                                                                                                                                                
Introduction to Feng Shui
Come learn some of the fascinating principals of Feng Shui….Chinese System of placement…Discover your best directions for your…home, office, bedroom doors to be facing to ensure positive energy with health money and love. Do you know what your best colors are for a car? Your business card? Your wallet or purse? What color to wear for you on that first date or important job interview? According to Feng Shui. Discover some valuable information to increase abundance, luck and prosperity on all areas in life for you and those you love and care for!                                   
Saturday December 7th  2019     WAIT LIST                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Registration must be received minimum 1 weeks prior to class.

Fees: $150.00 Cdn – Includes all handouts, materials, light lunch and snacks.

Payment due in full at time of registration

Payment Method: Pre-paid Cash, e-transfer, Visa or MasterCard
NEW! e-transfer payment accepted to Saveta's email. In the comments, please specify the Workshop Name, Date, Your Name, and Phone Number.

Call to Register: 905-522-3331
Cancellation Policy – if a student cancels two weeks previous to start of class 100% refund applies. If cancellation occurs less than two weeks to start of class 50% of refund applies.
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