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Why horseshoes are considered such good luck

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

We have been curious about something concerning a particular superstition we have yet to see mentioned. Could you please tell us what you know about why horseshoes are considered such good luck?

My family and I are avid flea market scavengers and recently picked up an old horseshoe at a sale that was tossed into a box with an assortment of antique tools, bought to decorate the family room. I would love to display it but I was hoping to get some info first because I wanted to know if there was a particular place and way, it should be displayed for maximum benefit.

Looking forward to your response.

T.N. Kitchener

Dear T.N.: Thanks for the opportunity to answer a neat question.

There is a legend that states the devil asked St. Dunstan (whose hobby was blacksmithing and Ferrier) to shoe his single hoof. St. Dunstan immediately recognized his customer for who he really was and proceeded to chain him tightly to a wall with the shoeing of the single hoof, which caused the devil to roar in pain and beg for mercy. St. Dunstan agreed to release him on the condition that the devil would never enter a place where he saw a horseshoe nailed (horns up only) directly above the main door.

Horseshoes are reported to be lucky against negative energy if worn as jewelry, on a key ring, or as a logo. A horseshoe used as protection should only be made of a metal, ideally steel. If used as a logo, a horseshoe should have the shiny consistency and characteristics of metal. Remember to be effective, it must hung with both arms of the horseshoe pointed up!

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