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When Your Dream Takes You to a Pool Hall

Dear Saveta - I’ve been reading your blog posts with great interest. Some of the dream interpretations you offer are really quite fascinating. I'm not sure if my dream is going to stump you or if you will be able to help me interpret something, anything?

Here goes - about once or twice a month for about a year now, I seem to have a dream where I'm at a sports bar setting (it’s not really familiar). I'm playing pool (alone) at a large table with lights overhead, pool cue in hand, etc. I am able to hear people in and around me talking low, glasses tinkling but it seems I can't actually see anyone in particular. The dream starts and finishes with me trying and just missing to hit any of the balls into their pockets. This is starting to drive me buggy Saveta. Any feedback would be appreciated.


Dear D.R. - Thank you for submitting by email a neat dream for interpretation. Yes, I frequently face some interesting challenges within my Dreamer's Corner blog but so far so good. I haven't been completely stumped thus far.

Thanks for bringing a new challenge to the floor. Pool and or billiards playing symbolizes the dreamers desire to find or discover some kind of life success around several corners. Also, it is said to symbolize dreamer's desire to set something into motion within their lives.

Collectively, I am inclined to interpret your dream to be a message from your subconscious that you are seeking some kind of success or accomplishment (motion) with yourself or within your own life (you are repetitively playing alone in your dream and not with others so this message is about you personally). The fact that you hit (try) a number of shots that don't seem to want to go in suggests to me that you should observe the time of when this dream has happened and what simultaneously is taking place in your life. Study the last year; have you applied for new jobs or sought a new relationship? I'm inclined to believe that these possible parallels are not to be taken as negative, but your mind saying keep taking the shots until one of them goes in (you succeed).

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