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What does appearing deformed in a dream mean?

Dear Saveta, I have experienced three very disturbing dreams all within the last nine weeks that follow a theme of me appearing deformed in some capacity. Do you have any idea what these dreams maybe or are trying to say to me?

H.R. Brantford On

Dear H.R. Thank you for your email and your permission to use your dream experience in my blog post.

In all the references, I checked, appearing deformed in a dream represented the dreamer and their expression of some kind of emotional wound... Most likely from their past, that is resurfacing as insecurity and fear. Most references touched on theme of the dreamer being out of balance and having trouble with moving forward with life and their abilities to express their needs adequately. A last reference offers an interpretation of fear of failure (fear of being less than whole) as another possible explanation of what the dreamer’s mind is seeking to express.

In totality, I would be inclined to interpret your dreams as your mind’s attempts to process feelings of inadequacies, probably related to a similar or relatable past event that triggered feelings of inadequacy.

Your mind has been creating these deformed scenarios as a way to process this deluge of emotions, thoughts and feelings. Perhaps consider some self-reflection combined with observations from your waking life… note if there might be a link between these dreams and waking time experiences where you are in situations that are triggering to you. Aggressive confrontation with a pushy boss perhaps or relative? Are you in the midst of any kind of evaluation process at work or school? My sense is this is where you are going to receive insight as to what your wonderful... Imaginative mind is trying to communicate.

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