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Dear Saveta: My husband and I really enjoy your blog and podcasts.

I would like to describe a dream that I I have had off and on for approximately two years. It starts with me realizing I am in a room.

The state of the room is always the same in the dream.

I remember it to be large, darkened room. I have a sense when I waken it seems like a large warehouse type room.

The only thing I always see clearly is a roughly finished wooden work bench. I see the bench from across the room and walk towards it where a small table lamp throws a small circle of light on the bench top.

As I walk closer, I am able to see a large clock face as a silver metal circle about 12” across sitting on its side, right side up on the table.

As I stand in from of the bench I can hear distinctive ticking; I listen to the ticking and then it seems to shift into a person’s voice and it is always someone I know, the receptionist at work, a girl who was once my sister in law or an elderly neighbor.

After I hear the voice for a few minutes the clock suddenly jumps forward off the bench and disappears into a large puddle directly in front of the bench. I glance down and the clock is gone, and the light reflects off the puddle.

When I originally hear these various people talking instead of the clock ticking, it never sounds like a conversation.

I am instead hearing snatches of various moments of them talking about seemingly unimportant things.

This dream is driving me crazy Saveta.

I would love your feedback.

S.B. Hamilton

Dear S.B. – thank you for a remarkably interesting dream to interpret. First things first.

The central theme I believe is being represented is time, by obvious representation of a ticking clock on the work bench spotlighted by a lamp.

Time in most dreams through various representations, symbolizes the dreamer’s use of their time, how much the time is used in a specific dream usually holds clues to a dreamer’s development and personality.

Not using time wisely, wasting it etc. ...can indicate a lack of maturity, self-appreciation and or discipline on the part of the dreamer.

The interesting aspect to me in your dream was how the ticking became voices of people you knew ...then plop into the puddle went the clock.

Collectively my suggestion would be to ask you to exam the relationships between the timing of your clock dream and your encounter with the previously mentioned people; did your dream(s) perhaps coincide with the people leaving you feeling like your emotional and personal time had been wasted?

From the details you provided this is what I am inclined to interpret.

Throughout your dream the clocks ticking did not occur in open well lit areas that would be indicative of a welcome happy experience, but in a warehouse (possible subconscious representation, that your personal efforts were being diminished by the ticking of the clock ..dictated by others)

An obviously fascinating message from your subconscious mind that on several occasions people left you feeling like your precious life clock ..was left to run and disappear into the water (emotions) of another persons’ needs.

I would use this dream experience to re-evaluate the reality of these people and people potentially like them having such an impact in your life.

Perhaps consider creating more satisfying ways to spend time, interacting, talking etc. with others.. that better suits and serves you.

Once again, a wonderful example of how our minds try to communicate with us and help signal that there are issues at hand, in our waking lives requiring our attention.

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