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The Significance of Jade

Today’s Blog Post takes inspiration from an email I received through my Newsletter… Saveta’s Psychic News under the Psychic Mailbox Column.


Dear Saveta: I just received a beautiful antique jade pin from my husband's family as a first-year wedding gift of sorts.

Could you possibly tell me if jade has any “positive” significance energetically? I have recently become interested in quartz crystals but have not encountered anything about the possible uses of jade energy. M.M Belleville

Dear M.M: Jade in crystal and gemstone circles is seen to represent forthrightness and immortality in past centuries in India. Only people of integrity and high moral character were permitted to wear jade in any form.

The Chinese and Japanese consider jade a sacred stone with many healing and energy balancing properties especially its reported ability to quiet the mind and enhance spiritual concentration and clarity.

Additional references I checked also indicated that by wearing jade while you slept served to prevent disquieting dreams and disturbed sleep.

Best wishes for every success in your new marriage.

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