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The Key to Self Care - Stress Management

Stress management helps reduce the risk of negative health effects.

Some tips that may help cope with stress:

• Learn to recognize the signs of responses to stress in the body, like difficulty sleeping, increased alcohol and other substance use, being easily angered, feeling depressed, and having low energy.

• Talk to a health care provider or a health professional. Do not wait for a health care provider to ask about stress. Start the conversation and get proper health care for existing or new health problems. Effective treatments can help if stress is affecting ability to work, sleep or function in relationships.

• Get regular exercise. Just 30 minutes per day of walking can help boost mood and improve health.

Extra Tip: Set alarm on your phone for 15 minutes, start walki

ng, at sound of alarm turn around and walk back.. you just completed a 30 minute walk easily and effectively.

• Try a relaxing activity. Explore relaxation or wellness programs, which incorporate meditation, muscle relaxation, or breathing exercises. Schedule regular times for these and other healthy and relaxing activities.

Extra Tip : Easy relaxing activities - adult colouring books, play solitaire or do a crossword, listen to soothing music with headphones, prepare delicious non alcoholic beverage and savour. Light incense and close eyes and enjoy fragrance.

• Set daily goals and priorities. Decide what must get done now and what can wait. Learn to say “no” to new activities if you start to feel like you’re taking on

too much. Be mindful of what you have accomplished at the end of a day, not what you have been unable to do.

• Stay connected. You are not alone. Keep in touch with people who can provide emotional support and practical help.

To reduce stress, reach for help from friends, family, and community or religious organizations.

Extra Tip: Check for free online resources to talk or text with someone trained, if you feel the need to reach out and share how you are feeling.

Take the time to embrace and practice good self-care.

You are most definitely worth it!

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