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The Energetic Meaning of Flowers

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Dear Saveta: A few times, I have noticed in reading my Mom’s copy of your newsletter, that you have sometimes covered the meaning associated with a variety of flowers.

Could you repeat those meanings? Perhaps, in a future blog post? I am especially interested in meanings for flowers as I am considering using them in an upcoming August wedding that I am helping my oldest sister set up for our younger sister.

Thanks, F.N. Toronto

PS. I really enjoyed your first Blog and Podcasts offerings.

Dear F.N. Thank you for your kind and positive feedback regarding my recent Blog and Podcast postings, and for an opportunity to respond to an interesting question.

Yes, I believe very much like crystals, stones, incense and the like… flowers, plants, and even seeds maintain and alternatively hold a specific vibrational energy. That if consciously used and chosen for a key purpose in harmony with their truest nature. They will be helpful and supportive energetically towards the person using them.

With that kind of respectful and honouring attitude in place, flowers, plants, and trees, etc. in my opinion and experience, are very happy to lend their amazing energies to assist us with energies around a multitude of things from improving health, drawing abundance, love, and success of all kinds.

As a quick aside: From ancient times, there have been persistent and lengthy references of the protective qualities against negative energy or vibrations, of garlic. In most all forms, from the “out there” associations, to having the power to ward off vampires, to the ability to “clear” dark humors (phlegm) from the body physically. A great example of how chemically and energetically garlic legitimately serves to clear out low vibrational energy wherever it might manifest. This is very interesting stuff, with our plant friends.

List of supportive and enhancing energy of Flowers

Lilies = white = honouring and respecting wherever that are, absent in life but present in death

Lilies = pink = draw strength from ancestors who have passed

Daisies = success in commerce/career/education

Mums = financial success, especially connected to real estate

Daffodils = helpful supportive people

Iris = strength to deal with obstacles

Lily of the Valley = strengthen maternal ties

Zinnias = strengthening paternal ties

Rose = white = education success

Rose = abundance of love ( in general)

Rose = red = abundance of passion

Yellow = abundance of ambition

Carnations = the same as roses

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