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The Celtic Tree Calendar

Dear Saveta – this may seem like a very weird question, but a relative (elderly aunt) just returned from a trip to England and presented my sister and me with intriguing gifts; two beautiful handmade leather bookmarks.

The one she handed me was stamped with calligraphy style letters spelling out Tinnie and my sisters said Saille. Aunt said she found them both in a shop that sold books and collectibles. I asked her what the words meant, and she said that above the counter where she found them was a complete chart which according to her listed something called a Celtic Tree Calendar. She chose Tinne for myself and Saille for my sister in accordance with our birthdates.

I know it may be a long shot Saveta, but I was wondering if you knew anything about this Calendar as my family has read your numerous articles on different divination methods.

H.M. Fergus

Dear H.M. – this is one of the most rewarding things about publishing my newsletter, the flow of remarkable request for information from readers. Thank you for a great question.

Many years ago, I heard of a Tree Calendar through a book on folklore remedies I was given. I am glad to say I still have that book! The following chart is composed on the information from that book which is self-explanatory. I trust this will solve the bookmark mystery for you and your sister.

Also, as a reference footnote, according to another reference I checked using the sacred tree associated to your birthdate was said to bring great luck. The wood could be used as jewelry or furnishings in an indoor or outdoor setting.

The Celtic Tree Calendar

Beth (birch) Dec 24 to Jan 20

Luis (rowan) Jan 21 to Feb 17

Nion (ash) Feb 18 to Mar 17

Fearn (alder) Mar 18 to Apr 14

Saille (willow) Apr 15 to May 12

Uath (hawthorn) May 13 to June 9

Duir (oak) June 10 to July 7

Tinne (holly) July 8 to Aug 4

Coll (hazel) Aug 5 to Sept 1

Muin (vine) Sept 2 to Sept 29

Gort (ivy) Sept 30 to Oct 27

Ngetal (reed) Oct 28 to Nov 24

Ruis (elder) Nov 25- Dec 22

Dec 23 is deliberately kept off the Tree Calendar in accordance with old courts of law...for it was said to represent the day used for maintaining the custom and tradition of hand feasting, and therefore should not be used as a day to celebrate a birthday.

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