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Sewing and Dreams

Dear Saveta:

Any idea what always carrying or being surrounded by sewing items like needle and thread, or fabric pieces mean in a dream? B.D. Brantford On

Dear B.D

Unfortunately, you do not provide a lot of details to go on with your

dream experience.

Are you sewing with them ? Being poked by needs or bother by them in any capacity ?

So, considering the absence of details, what I can offer is that sewing items in general terms being around you in a dream, are typically subconscious

indicators that your mind is signaling you to look to change some old habits or embrace a new fresh outlook towards things in your life emotionally.

If you were using these items to sew that would indicate a clue that there is some personal healing to do or a personal mending of a situation with yourself needing attention.

Are you perhaps carrying inappropriate guilt about something? Have you let an insult or abuse to your person go unresolved.?

Overall, I would suggest your mind is asking you to look inward at your deepest personal needs right now. And take the time to consider positive steps towards good self-care.

Perhaps consider, journaling to give yourself an outlet, book online counselling to get a professional’s feedback on your true state of self.

Your dream is obviously your subconscious seeking to be of help in supporting you to take the best care of yourself.

Thank you for some interesting dream material to analyze.

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