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"Searching" in Dream Interpretation

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Hello, the response I have received by email and phone indicates that my blog readers enjoyed the previous post on the topic of Dream Interpretation. Here is another selection I trust you will find interesting.

Dear Saveta: Could you please consider helping me understand a dream that I have had about four or five times in the last three weeks? I just know it means something, but I am not sure what and to be honest it’s starting to drive me nuts! The dream follows pretty much the same pattern. I see myself searching this old style log cabin room. I seem to be a bit frantic in the dream. Opening drawers, looking under things, it’s like I am urgently searching for something.

Then each time before I awaken, I “find” something. It’s always an 8x10 sized picture of someone I know. Once it was my boss, once my sister, and once an old teacher from high school I really liked and respected. As soon as I find these individual pictures, I watch myself looking at the picture intently for several seconds and then with what seems like great annoyance and frustration, I fling aside the photo and start to search all over again and that’s when I wake up. Please, please, please Saveta help me if you can to understand what my brain is trying to say. Thank you for reading my email.

B.L. London, ON

Dear B.L.

Thank you for taking the time to email and agreeing to let me use your request in this Blog instalment. In the dream references, I am familiar with the theme of “searching” in a dream and it is usually indicative of the dreamer seeking some kind of fulfillment. The dreamer may have a sense of what they need to feel fulfilled but are afraid of admitting it for fear of what they believe the consequences might be.

Additionally, searching in a dream can indicate a “search” for one’s identity or life purpose. Upon reviewing the description of what you recall from your dream experiences, I would be inclined to speculate that your mind via dreaming is trying to communicate an inner turmoil about you trying to figure out possibly who you are “suppose” to be right now.

Maybe someone like your boss, your sister or an old teacher from your past. But in the dream, your mind, as you are reaching for the photos of each person, flings them aside perhaps suggesting that you are searching for something in others you may already have inside yourself. You. Your own unique identity.

The fact that you keep waking up just before a new search resumes suggests your mind is “fighting” against your search for other people to compare yourself to. Additionally, it also suggests to me that your mind is perhaps communicating the idea that you “know” what you need to feel fulfilled and that it lies within you, your face, your being. Not the face of someone else.

Maybe consider sitting for a few moments and asking yourself honestly, area by area of your life.

Are following your dreams or someone else’s expectations? What does you being and truly feeling fulfilled really look like? I trust that that kind of sincere personal inventory will uncover some interesting thoughts and feelings. Don’t turn away from them; your mind obviously wanted your attention on this. Those are my thoughts as to why your mind created these dream experiences for you.

Thank you for sharing your dream experiences.

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