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Scarab Beetle and The Sun

Dear Saveta: A close family friend recently gifted us each with a beautiful set of three metal boxes, decorated with an intricate design on each lid of a scarab. We have followed your blogs and podcasts and know you regularly make reference to the symbolic meanings of various items.

My sister, brother and I since university days (some twelve years ago now), have loved just about anything Egyptian. Would you happen to know what the significance of the scarab might be and is there a preferred use perhaps for these boxes? Anything on the subject would be appreciated Saveta.

M.Y. Burnaby, BC

Dear M.Y.: One of the oldest and most significant of the Ancient Egyptian amulets is the scarab, which was a symbol dedicated to Ra, the Sun God, the giver of life and protector of the heart. The scarab is the representation of the dung beetle, which lay its egg in animal dung, rolls it up into a ball and pushes it to a place where the egg will hatch in the sun. The scarab symbolizes how the power of the Sun can be harnessed by even the lowliest of creatures.

As far as using the boxes, I would personally be inclined to first ask myself what does “Sun” energy mean to me personally, and then go from there. For example, if I felt “Sun” energy represented healing, I would probably be inclined to store massage oils, aromatherapy oils, etc., things that mean healing to me in the scarab boxes. If the “Sun” energy represented success, assertiveness, etc., then I might prefer to put my business cards in the boxes, or even something like a specific incense I like to use for meditation purposes to invigorate or “sunshine” up my energy. Once again, trust your intuition and imagination.

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