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Robot Doodles

Dear Saveta :

In one of your past newsletters, I believe you featured a series of segments on Graphology or Handwriting Analysis.

Not sure if my question can be answered by you Saveta.

But here it goes.... Is there any significance to a person’s doodles?

My boyfriend’s doodles are to very strange to me, particularly, he draws jets, airplanes, and lot of robots. Recently he has added intricate mazes to his repertoire.

Any idea of their significance, if any Saveta


St. Catherine’s, ON

Dear T.U:

What a great question! Yes, doodles are just as readable and revealing as a sample of a person’s handwriting.

The significance of the robots took a bit of digging in a few books but here goes...

Robot doodles are typically indicative of a person feeling like a piece of machinery on auto pilot if you will…with life.

They tend Struggle with an overall feeling of boredom and emotional distance from their routine.

The drawing of mazes follows a similar theme to the robots - feelings of being trapped like a “rat” in a maze… they cannot get free from.

Jet doodles I found was most interesting. They depict strong sexual energies not expressed.

My bottom-line interpretation of your boyfriends’ doodles is, he obviously is feeling bored with various aspects of his life, from the overall content of the doodles, more specifically, the social and sexual aspects.

Why not assess the accuracy of my Interpretation and try to spice things up a little the next opportunity you have time together?

Perhaps consider asking him to share a fantasy or two and see if over the next few weeks following… the added “spice” of intimacy together changes the content of your boyfriends’ doodles.

Till next time

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