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Pouring Vinegar

Dear Saveta:

My family and I really enjoy your Newsletter, particularly Dreamer’s Corner and Psychic Mailbox. My family and I were recently trying to decipher a dream I have had 4 times in the last three weeks. Not knowing what It might mean is starting to really get under my skin. In these dreams I am in the same location, an old farm style kitchen. The kitchen is very stark and bare, and I am at a large table pouring what I know is vinegar from a large bottle into several smaller bottles. I am very worried in the dream that the vinegar is highly corrosive?! And if I spill any it will somehow do significant damage to me, the table, floor etc. any idea what my vinegar dream might mean?

Thank you for any suggestions S.V. Brampton.

Dear S.V:

Thank you for your interest in reading my Newsletter and submitting such an interesting dream for analysis. Vinegar symbolizes disappointment, fear of insults, and being put down. Alternately the dreamer becoming soured, or disappointed with a particular area of their lives. If you can try to recall what of significance was taking place in your waking life you may find an interesting clue. The details about the wooden table and the dream always taking place in the kitchen that was stark suggests to me that subconsciously you are either experiencing or expecting to be disappointed with your home and domestic life. The kitchen specifically indicates your subconscious disappointment may be with your family and or spouse’s financial situation. The fear of vinegar being corrosive I believe, indicates that you might be overreacting to how bad (corrosive) things really are financially. The pouring from a larger to smaller bottle theme represents that a larger financial issue is becoming smaller but still feels disappointing to you and is souring your ability to feel comfortable with the present financial picture.

Thank you for an interesting submission.

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