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Piano Dreams

Dear Saveta – on several occasions in the past two years, I have had a series of dreams about hearing, and seeing a piano played and watching a piano’s keys moving, producing music, without the pianist being present.

These dreams intrigue me Saveta. Any ideas or explanations as to what all this piano stuff might be about?

Thank you for any info. My wife and I have

been following your newsletter since June of 1998 and really enjoy receiving it by email, great conversation piece.

RT Etobicoke

Dear RT: I am pleased to know you and your spouse are finding the newsletter worthwhile and fun. Thank you for your loyal support. It is readers like you that keep the “fuel” in the newsletter tank.

Pianos represent the scale of emotions and sometimes intense feelings the dreamer may be experiencing and also how th

e dreamer may be feeling or doing emotionally.

The clarity and intensity of the music can offer clues as to the nature of the dreamer’s emotional state.

You mentioned details in some dreams, of the piano playing with no pianist. Absence of a pianist suggests the dreamer potentially being out of touch with themselves emotionally and or feeling like others are emotion

ally not connecting with them i.e. not being present to hear the music (emotions) the dreamer is trying to express.

The tone and quality also provides insight to the dreamer’s emotional state. Corresponding tones of music may run the gauntlet of melancholy, frustration, anger or loneliness.

Consider recording additional piano dreams in the future to gain more insight into the “ emotional state” of the dreamer’s subconscious mind is trying to convey.

Thank you for sending along a great dream symbol to interpret.

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