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Hi Saveta, my sister had passed on a few previous copies of your newsletter and some of them touched on Numerology.

I am interested in starting to seriously study Numerology, but I am not sure whether it might be too complicated for me.

Any help figuring things out would be appreciated

C.M. Kamloops BC

Dear C.M. – Thank you for your interest and question on Numerology.

Numerology is in my experience an art form and system of scientific deduction.

Numerology reduces everything in a person’s life down into a mathematical or number form.

Numerology extends centuries into the past; Pythagoras was a Greek mathematician and philosopher that believed numbers are the first things within all of nature. He also believed that all-natural phenomena could be reduced into geometric and mathematical terms.

The Hebrew people also contributed strongly to Numerology through their ancient belief system known as the Cabbala, which teaches that each number of the alphabet is associated to a specific number and can form the basis of a fully accurate system of analysis... through interpretation of things like a persons’ name, birthdate and the number of consonants and vowels in their name.

Each subsequent number has a meaning and is also associated with a precise spiritual (metaphysical) significance.

The overall character and destiny analysis capable through numerology charting is very insightful in helping people interpret accurately their own strengths and weaknesses.

Additionally, numerology is very helpful in the understanding of potential life trends and motivations both consciously and subconsciously in people.

In response to whether you can manage numerology – if you can read, add, subtract, and have a keen desire to learn then the answer is YES!

In my professional experience through the workshops I have taught, anyone can be taught within about 8-10 hours on how to calculate their own personal numbers to apply to their lives.

Get cracking and best wishes for enormous success in your studies of numerology.

Thank you for your email.

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