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Locked Out of Doctor’s Office

Dear Saveta,

On about eight separate occasions in the past three months, I have had reoccurring dreams about going to see a doctor.

The doctor I visit in my dreams is a doctor I had when I was a child many years ago. I know he has retired and died many years ago.

In each dream, I enter his office, sit down, start to talk and the dream abruptly changes and I am suddenly outside trying to get back inside the doctor’s office to finish speaking to him.

I thought initially that the dream might mean my mind wanted me to get a checkup, maybe my mind was signaling me about a hidden health issue.

I got checked out by a doctor recently and I have been told I’m 100% OK physically.

If you could would possibly help me understand what these reoccurring dreams are trying to say, I would appreciate it.

A.P. Ft Erie On

Dear A.P. – The overall dream pattern suggests to me that your subconscious mind is feeling discouraged or overwhelmed by a situation in your waking life and is trying to get your attention.

When you mentioned the dream circumstances of starting a conversation and then finding yourself outside the doctor’s office trying to return, this suggested to me you are perhaps subconsciously afraid of you feelings regarding an overwhelming situation in your waking life, or possibly you sense the need to seek advice, regarding this situation, but fear not being taken seriously.

My advice would be to examine your life carefully and be brutally honest with yourself.

What or who is possibly making you feel discouraged in your life over last three or four months?

Have you been struggling with thoughts around living alone, or getting older?

I am expecting as soon as you recognize the source of these feelings of discouragement your nocturnal trips to the old doctor from your past, will stop because your subconscious mind will know, it got your waking, conscious mind’s attention.

Thank you for sending your email with some interesting dream experiences to interpret.

Till next time.

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