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Keiloons - Feng Shui cure for harmful energies

Dear Saveta:

I am hoping you are the lady to help me. A friend of mine mentioned to an elderly Chinese acquaintance that she has just moved into a new house.

The old gentleman asked which direction the front door faced, and she told him North.

He then performed a quick series of checks in a small book he had with him and proceeded to strongly suggest that the energies flowing to the house might not be the most auspicious, but could easily be remedied?!

These potentially negative energies would apparently require my friend to put two Keiloons (??) on either side of the front door of the new house to enhance more positive energies.

Before my friend could quiz the old guy further, he disappeared to meet some old friends.

Saveta, I know from reading your newsletters you receive all manner of questions regarding energy.

Do you have any idea what a keiloon is and how it works?

D.B. Vancouver

Dear D.B.

I am quite sure, based on what your email said about your friend’s encounter with the older Chinese gentleman that he was trying to share his knowledge ( I believe) about a wonderful Chinese system of reading and interpreting energy that is some 3000 years old called Feng Shui.

The short of it is, Feng shui is based on a theory/belief that the harmonizing of your physical surroundings to your inner Chi (life force) can and will serve to balance all areas of your life.

Like health, career, love and family.

Your home and its front door direction, the direction of your stove, your direction of bedroom doors and much more can have either a negative impact or positive one based on your birth year and time.

Feng Shui uses variety of “fixes” or “cures” of various kinds. Sometimes it is the use of a mirror, statuary, a key colour, or deliberate placement of furniture to correct energy blockages within a particular physical environment.

To your question, a keiloon is considered in some Feng Shui circles to be an effective neutralizer of any harmful energy elements trying to enter a particular home or business.

It is said to encourage positive and protective energies to be drawn to the house or business. What is a keiloon specifically? Historically, a keiloon is a legendary creature with horns on the head of a lion with scales upon the body of a deer and a tail consisting of small curls.

The legend tells of the creature’s ability to energetically consume negativity .

Keiloons are also called Lion Dogs. They can be purchased as statues made from ceramics, brass or wood and are about 8 -10” high with some being as much as 8 or more feet high, sizes being relative to size of door needing “fixing”.

I am quite sure what the old Chinese gentleman was trying to do was help your friend use a positive and relatively easy means to block potential unwanted energies from entering the new house.

Thank you for taking time to email a great question that helped inspire this blog.

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