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Jungle Setting for a Dream, what does it mean?

What does it mean if you find yourself dreaming ... of being in a jungle setting?

Dear Saveta: I just wanted to say I love your newsletter, and now your blogs and podcasts.

I wish to ask if you could translate a dream that I have experienced 4 or 5 times in the last six months?

My heart tells me it means something, but I am stumped as to what.

The dream seems to follow the same pattern of me being in a jungle setting, it is not fully day or night. I am aware of the sound(s) of animals, birds, insects, and I usually do not see anything specifically that is making noises.

I seem to be moving forward and seeking out a path that I cannot see. Nothing else dramatic happens and I awaken feeling frustrated like something was supposed to happen but did not.

This is an extremely frustrating experience for me... I would appreciate your insights!

Keep up the interesting work, in your newsletter, blogs, podcasts and recently I understand Instagram and Facebook.

D.F. Ottawa

Hello D.F.

I am happy to hear you have enjoyed my efforts with all my writing efforts... because it is readers like you who send in interesting material for me to interpret and use in my columns, blogs, podcasts and most recently social media that keeps me inspired.

Thank you for taking the time to send an email.

Jungles typically symbolize our everyday experiences, our everyday lives.

The fact you are looking for a path in your dream suggests to me on some level you are feeling pressured by the everyday struggles your life has been presenting and are seeking a path (a way out).

I found it interesting that you included that you can hear the birds, insects and animals but cannot really see them; this suggests to me that you are not really overwhelmed by one singular issue in your life but rather instead are probably finding the collective noise (demands) at times overwhelming.

Also, a key I believe was your words describing that you always seem to be moving forward in the dream which suggests to me a deep will to get through the jungle and find your path.

Collectively, a dream where you mind is seeking to “burn” off some tension and signal you to... pay attention ... to your limits... mentally... emotionally and otherwise.

Thank you for a great submission.

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