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Jewelry in Dreams

Dear Saveta:

On at least four or five separate occasions, I remember having a series of dreams where I have alternately been looking for and or trying to get specific people in my dreams (sometimes my husband, my oldest daughter and once a close girlfriend) to help me find a special broach.

In the majority of dreams, I remember being very agitated that I could not a) find it b) get other people (I asked) serious enough about helping me find it and c) being upset that if I could or would locate it, the broach would be damaged.

Any ideas Saveta about what all this could possibly mean? Thanks for any input.


Oakville, ON

Dear E.S.:

According to the references I checked a broach or most any other ornate or specific jewelry piece in a dream is a symbol of a dreamer’s pride, vanity, or desire for attention; alternatively it symbolizes wishing to be seen as cultivated or refined by others.

I found it interesting that in the examples you gave me you only seemed to refer to being “agitated” with various actions or inactions from significant others.

This suggests to me that these dreams may be occurring at a time in your life when you were not feeling especially appreciated or emotionally valued by significant others.

Also, being consistently concerned about the physical condition of the jewelry item would suggest that on some level your pride was feeling damaged, or under-appreciated by others.

An interesting idea may be to reflect and see if any of these dreams correspond to events, which during non-sleep hours had you in situations where you were left feeling inadequate in your social “value” or being appreciated by others.

The number of times the theme of this broach dream reoccurred for you also suggests that you should be more “direct” in asking for the things you really “need” from others to feel valued and deeply appreciated.

Thank you for a very neat dream submission by email.

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