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Japanese Astrology and Readings

Dear Saveta

My daughter left before start of the pandemic here, to start a two year term in Japan teaching English.

Before leaving she had been corresponding with a close Japanese girlfriend that she befriended at University here in Ontario who has since returned to Japan.

My daughter has mentioned her friend’s serious offer to find an Ekisha in Japan that was very good, to do a Kigaku reading of my daughter’s life in anticipation of such an involved and important trip away from home.

I have no idea what an Ekisha is or a Kigaku reading is about.

You came to mind as a possible source of information on this matter. Any insights would be appreciated.

CR Ancaster, On

Dear C.R: Thank you for emailing an intriguing question.

The term Kigaku is a word to describe a reading using a branch of Japanese Astrology...with particular focus on information relating to any future or existing relationships.

An Ekisha is a name given by the Japanese to a folksy type of Intuitive reader who usually would combine Astrology and Palmistry to provide various predictions about a person’s future.

Just Psychic speculation on my part, but perhaps your daughters’ friend is hoping to play cupid and has a perspective friend in mind for your daughter to help keep her entertained and happily occupied while away from home.

Thank you taking time to email an interesting question.

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