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Prosperity and Money Attracting Tips

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

I thought it may be helpful to all of you, to have some help attracting and otherwise enhancing cash flow and production. Some of these tips are drawn from my Feng Shui practice and some are from my paternal Grandmother’s teachings. She was the one that introduced me to card reading. I trust the tips are helpful and inspiring and I wish you every success financially. May abundance follow you in all your endeavors.


Money “drawing” colours are classically most all shades of gold, silver, and green to all bright to medium reds and purples, and medium to brighter shades of orange.

Take a moment to consider each colour listed and as thoughtfully and spontaneously as possible, choose the colour that “speaks” to you from the group. Consider using it with the following suggestions: feel free to “shift” between one or two colours. For example, with business cards, signage, and website colours associated to my work as a Psychic, most all greens have always “spoken” to me.

In relationship to the home front, it has generally been golds and silvers that I have incorporated into my home décor and decorating. But please don’t choose all the colours with the mentality that a blanketing of all these colours somehow works to intensify the success of the money and enhancing vibes you are trying to draw! Energetically, the universe is likely to interpret you as greedy and asking for more than you need and/or deserve; so lead with the right attitude; you happily welcome some help and thank you very much!

What to buy/use in your prosperity colour of choice: key rings or key case, (especially if keys are connected to your business or place of work), wallets, purses, briefcases, cell phone cases (again, if you use your phone specifically for business and/or work). Pens, business card holder, ink and card stock colours, website, signage, computer mouse pad, and frames for all diplomas and certificates associated to credentials you use to make a living.

Cash boxes, safes, decorative pieces, and accessories in your office and place of business. Plant pots containing healthy, vibrant round-leafed plants (plants must always be kept healthy or there will be a reverse effect on your prosperity). You can use silk plants (never dried or plastic) as long as they are kept dust-free. Placemats in paper, cloth or bamboo placed under your business phone or cash register, entry mat to your business or office, lighting, lamp shades, packaging for products, clothing and/or accessories worn when negotiating or dealing with “money” aspects of your life and or work.

A client of mine, who is a Mortgage Broker, wears a beautiful antique jade and gold tie clip every time he goes out to help a client fill out paperwork for a mortgage. He swears by the consistency of success (even in a challenging market) he has had as a result of wearing this clip. Items like banking passbooks and deposit books, cheques, gift certificates, and promotional items such as calendars.

Just as a quick side note; I find it very interesting how much “green” TD Bank uses in everything connected to their brand and business identity. Is this a coincidence? I personally do not think so. I think someone at head office knows how to use their noggin!

Additional Things to do to Draw Additional Prosperity

If allowed/safe to do so, burn (unscented) candles in the before-mentioned colours while working and/or when involved in money-based activities.

For instance, I have recommended to clients of mine who are real estate agents, to get permission from their clients previous to a scheduled Open House, to bring a candle to burn at the table where there are information feature sheets, etc. Burn this candle for the duration of the Open House. The feedback has been, “consistently very positive.” In the words of one real estate agent’s clients. “Saveta, I was at my wits end as to why this otherwise great little house wasn’t selling and I wanted to do a good job for my client and make a decent commission for myself. So I thought why not?” “I brought and lit the candle, said a little prayer of thank you for success with a good sale for all concerned, and wouldn’t you know Saveta, two days after the Open House a very sound offer came in that both the client and I were pleased with. I don’t think it was a coincidence because there hadn’t been a single offer until that point.”

Additional Things to do with Candles for Prosperity Purposes

Completing paperwork online or at home (where candle burning is possible) for loans, mortgages, and grants. I most always have a gold candle going when paying bills online and otherwise doing any kind of significant handling of money-based paper work because I believe every little bit helps.

Trusting you found all this helpful. I look forward to providing future pointers on how to get anything and everything from a house to a car, a trailer, a boat or a business sold quickly and efficiently as possible.


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