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Saveta’s Psychic Corner of the Universe

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Hello, it is a pleasure and delight to offer my first ever Blog Posting: Saveta’s Psychic Corner of the Universe.

I am committed to offering a diversity of interesting topics; everything from Intuition, the Supernatural, Feng Shui, Palmistry, Face Reading, Omens & Superstitions, Dream Interpretation, Sexual Health and Information, and the list goes on.

My intention is to stimulate and motivate people to educate themselves about new topics, their own gifts and aptitudes, and the bigger world of various energy systems and forms.

It is always exciting to start any new journey. I look forward to sharing this amazing path with all of you readers.

I welcome and look forward to enjoying your feedback, suggestions for future topics, questions, and probably some essential criticism. All things I know and believe will contribute to help and support me in producing the best and most meaningful blog content and so the journey begins...

Saveta’s Psychic Corner of the Universe

Do I believe everyone has some kind of psychic, essentially intuitive ability?

Absolutely, Yes! In my 38 years practicing full-time as a professional Psychic, I have yet to meet a person without some initiative ability. The truth of the matter is that intuition is very much like a muscle in a body. The more consistently and reliably you use it, the stronger and more dependable it becomes.

Without the privilege of utilizing my intuitive (psychic muscles) regularly over the years, I would not possess the accuracy and reliability of my gift today.

Sitting on a daily basis with individual clients for sets of 30, 45 or 60-minute intervals have helped train my mind, my energies and my gift to focus at will. This ongoing conditioning has trained my mind first, to not struggle with or doubt images intuitively as they come to me. This removes the possible conflict of doubting, what I may be receiving, with a given reading. This affords me the opportunity to concentrate instead on mentally capturing additional details or impressions around what exactly is trying to reach me intuitively. Depending on the clarity and intensity of images presented, I typically get a sense of whether the image I am reading has taken place, is taking place, or is an event in the near or distant future.

Typical experiences average people have shared with me include:

They’re sitting at their desk at home or at work. Their phone rings. They go to reach for the phone. A friend they have not spoken to for at least six months momentarily pops into their head. They pause ever so briefly and thinking how odd, I just thought of Raquel, Jacob, Maurice or Whomever. I have not thought of this person for six months. They finish the action of answering the phone and, surprise! It’s Raquel, Jacob, etc. on the line. How is this possible?

In the realm of intuition experiences, that person just had a second’s long experience with something called, telepathy; spontaneous mind to mind contact with another person. Telepathic connection can happen feet or miles apart.

Another example shared with me; a person is washing the dishes, folding clothes or typically engaged in an activity where their minds are relatively peaceful and not too full or engaged. A close friend will suddenly come to mind. This friend is close to this person. This person experiences sudden feelings of ill ease or concern; possibly strong feelings of worry and anxiety lasting from a few to several moments intermingled with images of the dear friend. Suddenly, they jump to seemingly random thoughts of their own mother’s hospitalization three years ago with a serious chest infection. What are these abrupt, disjointed thoughts all about? As quickly as they arrive, they dissipate and the person is left shaking their head at the random nature of this jumble of agitating thoughts.

Later that day, this same person receives a call from the friend they had thought about in such a peculiar fashion earlier in the day. This friend wishes to share some events of the day. Their mother had been rushed to the hospital earlier that day and the doctors were trying to determine if the friend’s parent had had a crisis with their breathing or their heart.

Upon ending the call, the individual pauses to recount the details and realizes the hour of crisis for their friend’s mother coincides with time of jumbled thoughts and that they had somehow managed to receive accurate intuitive impressions associated to what had been taking place. The person’s mind (probably because of limited experience) flew to the memory of his or her own mother’s previous hospitalization to try to create a spontaneous, recognizable intuitive message to relay significant information. If this person had had previous intuitive practice, they would of still have spontaneously picked up their friend’s distressing situation but would have pushed past the initial symbolism, coming to realize it’s not my mom but my friend’s mom who is having a crisis associated to her chest area.

Again, for the realm of intuition, this would be an example of clairvoyance; the ability to sense and read information beyond the regular senses.

A key professional frustration of mine is witnessing people excessively dolly up their presentation of enhanced psychic abilities. Enhanced psychic ability is on par to any other gift. Some people have the gift to be able to paint a breathtaking landscape. Another person possesses the gift to operate with precision on a newborn heart. All of us possess a core gift; and I sincerely believe an intuitive gift. The extraordinary thing about the intuitive gifts we all possess is the ability to be developed, harnessed and applied to enhance our lives and the lives of those we care for and the community at large.

Yes, there are some gifted psychics out there, but as with any profession; there are a number of competent and incompetent practitioners.

I challenge you to seek the positive, healthy and meaningful development of your own intuition. I promise, intuition is absolutely not a gift or power for an exclusive few. It is a gift and something to be treasured, that we are all born with; never to torture and hurt us, but to empower and enhance us as human beings.



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