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Halloween History and Lore

Halloween History and Lore


Halloween was originally known as the festival of the dead.

A significant day of celebration to the Druids of Britain, and Ireland especially going back 2,000 years.

Church groups of the past tried to discourage the Celtic or Saxon influences and their importance by renaming the date November 1st as "All Hallows' Eve" which translated as "Holy Evening" and "All Saints Day".

People were most resistant then and now to seeing it exclusively celebrated as a Christian only celebration.

Halloween Traditions

Carving out a pumpkin to represent each family member is reported to serve as a way to "keep" a loved one free of the influence of negative spirits wandering the night on Halloween from sunset to midnight.

A candle should be kept burning inside each carved pumpkin until just past midnight, to ensure no spirits linger near the house or loved ones.


Dress up is important for everyone in the family to discourage and confuse the same spirits looking to negatively influence the living family members.


Upon completion of the evening meal a complete setting including a plate of food and drink should be left on the table for departed ancestors of a family to "enjoy" and "see" as a respectful remembrance by those left behind.


Never be stingy with treats you give out to trick or treaters

You never know which are children and which are fairies or little people.

These little people will not bring their blessings and positive energies to the house of anyone being a cheapskate with treats this night!

Meals and Food Stuffs

Evening meal should include something from each group representing the earth's energy circle. Use your imagination - some kind of meat representing an animal group that serves us - some kind of a grain product, ideally incorporating rye and wheat at the very least.

A fruit and vegetable to represent a red, blue/purple, green, yellow, orange and black seasonal color representation. And finally, a beverage, water at the least and preferably a "fermented" product such as beer, wine, tea to represent the harvest cycle.

If vegetarian or vegan trust your choices around food stuffs that best represent the fall season for you.

Foretelling the Future

Choose 26 apples with stems about the same size and carve or sticker on a letter of the alphabet to each.

Try to put the letter on the end of the apple floating down in the water. The object is to select a total of three apples each by kneeling down in front of the tub of floating apples and with teeth only choose one at a time - reading the letter on the apple and returning it to the tub swishing them about and repeating the steps 2 more times the same way.

Each apple represents the following:

1st apple - initial (can be first, last and sometimes even middle, fate can be sneaky) of your life's truest love!

2nd apple represents a number in weeks, for example, letโ€™s say your second turn brought an apple with an "S" letter - S is the 19th letter hence 19 weeks before you will have a sign of your lover's love interest.

3rd apple represents the years the love will be true. Letโ€™s say the third brought the letter "H" the 8th letter of the alphabet - you can relax for a least 8 years before you may have to worry about things losing their spice!!

Be fair to yourself - only one complete turn of three bobbingโ€™s per person. Ideally only to be repeated Halloween night.

Miscellaneous Symbols

Halloween Decorations hold energetic potentialโ€ฆ

Bats - positive connections to ancestors

Pumpkins - encourages prosperity and abundance to arrive

Scarecrows - protection from malicious gossip.

Spiders -secure home life

Black Cats - abundance of wise friends.

Ghosts - Fond remembrances of the dead.

Fairies - encouragement for positive little people to visit.

Tombstones - Reminder to be respectful of dead

Ghouls - Strive to live with few regrets

Witches - Appreciation for other peoplesโ€™ faiths, beliefs and knowledge.

Skeletons / Skulls - We all return to the earth at our time of death.


Happiest Halloween

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