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Graphology (Handwriting Analysis)

Graphology or Handwriting analysis) is the analysis of a writer’s character from a sample of a person’s handwriting.

The way letters are shaped, joined and spaced around a writing sample… demonstrates our individuality.

Graphology is considered a pseudo-science but has been seriously studied and documented for decades.

Psychologists to criminologists routinely use graphology to determine specific personality traits and even aptitudes.

Some forensic experts and businesses use graphology as a screening tool.

Some of the details considered when analyzing a sample of handwriting as follows.

A page of writing can represent our world and how we fit into it.

Does writing take up the whole page(world) with their presence, tightly filling the page with the writing sample?

This can indicate someone who do not allow room for other people other than themselves.

It could also indicate a lack of self-esteem, and constant need to be noticed or paid attention to.

If the writing moves quickly to the right and upward on a page, suggests lots of physical and mental energy. The subject would rather be “out there” in the world than be introspective.

If the letters merge and almost become thread like, can mean that the subject does not tend to follow rules.

It could indicate impatience and an ineffective naturally anxious person.

If g’s and y’s are cut off or falling to return and cross the stern of the letters suggests…that the person has not fully developed their creative and or imaginative side of their personality

Alternately, can indicate a creative problem solver, not experiencing limited connectivity with their subconscious.; and being cut off from the vitality gained via a clearly expressed imagination or subconscious.

These types of writers tend to use reason to keep instinctual feelings and reactions under control.

If written lines have a pattern of starting at various places and edging over to the right, this can indicate subject’s energies tend to behave uncontrollably outwardly, until their practical side reacts and pulls the self-back and forces it to stick to the routine and or rules the job at hand.

If the writing is inconsistent; the e’s look different in different words or if a capital L is different (at times printed, other times scripted)- suggest someone who needs to be continually stimulated by different things, situations, or people.

Additional characteristics to consider when studying a sample of handwriting are words spaced far apart, indicating subject needs emotional space and time alone.

Words spaced closely indicates subject enjoys having people around and close relationships.

A large script indicates a bold and extroverted personality., tending to concentrate on the big picture rather than the details.

Tiny script means the subject is introverted, deep thinker who likes details and compressing details into small spaces.

Heavy pressure on the pen represents a repressed person who withholds the movement of the writing as they withhold expressing feelings

Graphology is a fascinating field filled with helpful detail and insight into most any writer’s psyche.

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