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Frogs and Cats in Dreams

Dear Saveta – I have spent the last year recording and studying my dreams. I recently came across two images in a dream I had that I cannot help but feel are very significant somehow. Neither image seems to be listed in my dream interpretation books. Would you happen to know what Cats and Frogs signify?

B.L. Oshawa

Dear B.L. – Keep up the good work on journaling your dream interpretation, they can offer important insights into your mind and your life.

Cats typically represent friends. They key is to observe in the dream how the cats are behaving? Are they affectionate? Threatening? Aloof? Then try to determine how the dream may correspond to real life friends and their behavioral interaction.

For example in a particular dream, that appears to represent your waking life, work life, you dream of a couple cats approaching you and purring and rubbing up against you and being otherwise loving.. I would interpret that as your subconscious signaling you that you have genuine “friends” that care about you as a person at work.

If in another similar dream scene, you remembered being chased or threatened by angry, hissing cats... I would interpret that as a message from your subconscious cautioning you to focus on work, strictly as work and not seek friendships from among coworkers at this time..., as you are likely to be disappointed with their “behavior” as friends.

Frogs typically symbolize the dreamer’s concerns about health. Are the frogs healthy? Are the croaking and lively in fresh clear water or water holes? Alternatively, are they feeble looking in muddy or murky water? These observations again can often be timely and helpful subconscious warning to pay attention to your health.

Thank you a great email submission regarding dream symbolism.

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