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Best Energetic To Do Lists for New and Old Houses

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Dear Saveta: In some of your past blogs you have on occasion mentioned a variety of things that a person can do to enhance the positive energy in their homes; certain colours of door mats to use, hanging of wind chimes, etc. My question is, are there any special things to do with a house if you are planning on moving? S.E. Mississauga

Dear S.E.: To answer you most efficiently, I thought a to do list, if you will, for the new house you will be moving into as well as for the old house you will be leaving would be most interesting way to approach the topic.

New House: Complete a thorough cleaning and if possible, any decorating (painting, wall papering, etc.) you can manage before moving in, for obvious reasons of hygiene cleaning is a necessity, but the painting and papering serves to clean out the previous occupant’s energies. Burning candles/incense while working on the new home serves to clear and balance the houses’ energy.

Candle Colours

White = peace

Light Blue = spiritual strength

Dark Green = prosperity

Light Green = good health

Yellow = mental vitality

Orange = overall healing plus balancing of love and sexual energies

Pink = love

Red = love of passionate physical nature


Sandalwood = protection against negativity

Jasmine = love and romantic harmony

Patchouli = mental concentration

Rose = family togetherness

Cedar = prosperity and career growth

New Home to ensure overall positive energy flow throughout the new house:

- lighting, make the effort to ensure that all fixtures are clean and working properly

- front and back door to open and close without squeaks, creaks or sagging

- address numbers to be bright and shiny, ideally in brass or other metallic materials

- same for door knobs and mailboxes

- new entrance mat for front and back doors, best choice is green or red

- try to make first times brought to house to include a fresh, vibrant plant

- uncut loaf of bread (to be sliced and eaten as first food consumed in new house)

- unused package of salt

- small selections of herbs or minimum to include garlic, mint, cinnamon and ginger

- two unlit candles

- religious or other personal meditation object i.e. crucifix, star of David to be placed over front door

- new broom, dust pan, mop and garbage cans (never bring these items from the old house to the new house)

Old Home to do list for the old house:

- strive to leave old house as clean and orderly as possible inside and out (I know moving is exhausting but from a psychic and karmic perspective this is very important)

- leave something for the new tenants (a note to mention a nice neighbour you’ve enjoyed or days for garbage collection to make their lives easier after moving in)

- a healthy, lush plant

- a tin of cookies or other sealed treat

- a small basket that holds a small gift of emergency batteries, etc. (don’t worry about being fancy – it’s striving for thoughtfulness and sincerity that is important)

- any brooms, mops, garbage cans in good condition should be left at the old house or if you prefer, dispose of them on the last day at the old house

- take a few unhurried moments to peacefully walk through each room in the house and affirm in your mind or out loud that the new people coming will find happiness, comfort and peace in this place

- gather all keys to the old house (try to drop all of them off to the lawyer, real estate agent) in one shot

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