Energetic Properties of Wood

I’d like to share with all you of, my response to a reader about energetic properties of wood.

Dear Saveta, I am writing in what I hope is not too strange a question? Have you ever heard of any reference to utilizing a particular type of wood to enhance or draw certain desired energy? I recall fondly of my grandfather's (who was born and raised in England) reference to the power of Oak over and above its practical strength when used as paneling, doors etc. It was understood that Oak encouraged good luck and protection from all harms possible if incorporated in most any way within a house. Have you heard of anything like this? I noticed in previous Feng Shui columns in your newsletters, you emphasized colours etc., in furnishings, room decor etc., help enlighten me if you could!

D.W. Peterborough

Dear D.W.: Your question is an excellent one. The answer is yes! For centuries around the world in a multitude of cultures, specific attributes have been connected to specific woods and trees. Hopefully the following list will be helpful:

Walnut = health (especially to male household member)

Mahogany = protection against natural disaster (particularly lightening)

Cherry = love and passion and fidelity

Ebony = enhanced intuition and protection from negative energies

Oak = emotional strength and physical strength

Rattan = luck in money matters

Maple = love, romance, consistent cash flow

Teak = wealth especially if self-employed and into retirement years

Redwood = longevity with many descendants

Pine = very strong repelling effect against negative people and situations and healing especially for new mothers and young children

Cedar = strengthening of overall constitution, increased powers of concentration and healing especially immediately following childbirth, recent illness or surgery


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