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Drowning Dreams, What might they be trying to communicate to you?

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Hello Saveta, I could really use some information (if possible) regarding a dream I have had over the last 3 months typically 3-4 times weekly!

The dream is the same with a couple of varying details. I am alone in the dream as I step towards my car, my desk at work, or in one dream I was moving forward to start a load of dishes at the kitchen sink… suddenly I find myself in a body of water and quickly feel like I am about to drown.

I look around frantically in the dream; I am finding myself surrounded only by water … nothing else.

I move around in a panic thrashing my arms. I finally start “sinking” below the surface of the water.

I awaken from these dreams, always gasping for air, feeling out of sorts, and agitated.

Any feedback as to what all this could possible mean regarding my dream, would be greatly appreciated.

A friend of mine shared a dream experience with you a couple of years back and she found your interpretation comforting and helpful.

I am hoping that you might help me to understand this disturbing and frightening dream experience.

Thank you in advance. A.G.

Dear A.G.

Thank you for taking the time to email. When possible, I try to use this blog and my newsletter to respond to emails requesting information regarding various dream interpretations. I seek to choose certain emails that I believe the broader reading audience of my blog and newsletter may enjoy and find helpful. Well here goes with my interpretation.

Drowning scenes in dreams are interpreted as a messaging from the dreamer’s subconscious mind that the dreamer is struggling with being overwhelmed with emotions they are facing in their waking lives.

Drowning experiences during dreaming can indicate the dreamer’s fears of allowing these same emotions “freedom” of expression during their waking lives and utilize instead, their subconscious mind while asleep, as the “safe” alternative for expression of these bottled up emotional thoughts and feelings.

You sighted examples of you drowning... starting, just as you stepped towards your car (symbolizes current job / career).

Your desk (your work identity), your kitchen sink (your role of as a homemaker/provider for your household).

Collectively, my sense is you are experiencing roles of worker and homemaker in possible conflict and these roles are possibly feeling currently overwhelming for you during your waking life.

Consider doing some journaling for a few days and asking yourself some direct questions about how in control and alternatively confident you are feeling of late in the before mentioned life areas.

Are you taking too much on?

Are you assuming too much responsibility that is not perhaps really yours to carry?

I believe your subconscious is seeking to protect you by providing you somewhat intense but a very direct way to express complicated internalized feelings.

Instead of supposedly seeking to frighten you, I believe your subconscious is seeking to get your attention, in an attempt to get you to check in with yourself and take a much-needed emotional inventory. To perhaps help determine if your level of commitment in these areas is reasonable and within a healthy balance. Thank you for a great dream interpretation opportunity.

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