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Dear Saveta: A number of us have been following you on social media and through your blogs and podcasts on your site and would really appreciate if you could possibly help with the interpretation of a dream. My dream has happened 5 or 6 times in the last month and to be truthful, is really driving me crazy as to what it could mean; if it is not too out there? I was planning to share your interpretation with the group. I hope you can help me Saveta. In the dream I always come in through the side door I normally use at work and I walk down the same hall to my office. I open my and door and from the first dream onward, as I open the door, I hear in my dream a loud thump as the door hits against something that sounds heavy. In the dream I push into the room looking down to the floor. I see the bottom of a statue. It varies from off-white to a beige-white colour. From the first dream and through ongoing dreams, the first part of it I arrive at my door thump to find the statue behind door etc.

With each dream the statue has grown progressively larger and I know this may sound nuts but in the most recent dream the statue is now almost as tall as me and appears to be a statue of me. My sense in the dream is that “me” as the statue, is also nude. Saveta what gives? Any help would be appreciated.

L.R., Grimsby

Dear L.R.: Thank you for taking the time to email. I'm not sure however, that you will be entirely keen to share my interpretation with the group. Personally, I think things like reading dream interpretations should be shared with very few people because they tend to contain very personal and private information but I leave the choice to your discretion. Your dream especially is interesting in that in the way in which you have described it; seems to be building to a powerful, symbolic climax … suggesting that your subconscious mind was first seeking to get your attention. Repetitive thud of the door statue, gradually growing in size until you finally recognize the statue's likeness to be your own. Statues in the dream interpretation symbolize a need or strong desire for approval, to be seen as performing or working always above average to the rest of the group.

So in totality, I would interpret your dream as your subconscious mind sending you information, cautioning you perhaps (difficulty getting in your office door) that you need to master or control better that part of you needing approval and or consistently needing to be seen as the top dog, so to speak, in the group. I wouldn't take the dream as a negative statement against you but rather your subconscious trying to protect you from underlying intentions or leaning in your behaviour, attitude with work that could eventually get you into difficulty. If I were you I would use these insights as a reason to examine my energies with my career and see if approval from others is becoming or has become too important to you. The statue being nude of you would also finally suggest a hidden subconscious fear of being seen by others, the world without clothing (protection means to defend yourself).

I would use this experience of such a powerful dream to step back and choose to strengthen my faith in my own abilities first and foremost and to recognize that at the end of the day, it is ultimately what you think about yourself that counts.

Thank you for the opportunity to interpret a fascinating dream.

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