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Dead End Dream

Hi Saveta!

Just wanted to drop you a line and ask if you might help me understand a dream that I have had about 6-8 times last year.

In the dream I find myself walking, sometimes running, and then suddenly arriving at a dead end.

There seems to be little detail in the scene around me… no trees or grass, just lots of pavement and asphalt.

The area has a look and feel of an old, abandoned warehouse or factory.

I do remember in two dreams being able to run around and retrace my steps and find myself (just before the dream stops) in a brightly vivid green field with lots of flowers and trees.

Any ideas Saveta? I just have this nagging feeling the dream is trying to tell me something.

I just cannot figure out the significance.

P.S. my wife and I really enjoy your blog.

R.L. Niagara Falls New York

Dear R.L.:

Thank you for your email, and I am pleased you and your spouse have enjoyed my blogging efforts.

In response to your question, dead ends typically symbolize inner confusion on the part of the dreamer. I found the details you included about the old, abandoned warehouse environment very significant.

I would interpret that it is your inner confusion, that is likely being expressed, and simultaneously being tied to events and feelings relating to your job, career, or business life.

All things in combination suggest, if you were to review when this dream occurred (in conjunction to what was happening with your working life) my bet would be, that when you dreamt of turning away from the dead end and ended up (outside) instead, you were experiencing positive events at work where you felt confident and in control.

Alternatively, when the dead end increased in the dream, I would interpret that to mean that at work or career, you were experiencing great indecision or were perhaps feeling you were in a situation with limited paths of resolution.

Thank you for emailing a great question.

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