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What do Clocks mean in dreams?

Dear Saveta: just wanted to send a quick email to ask for your help with a dream that has reoccurred approximately 4 to 5 times in last seven weeks.

My gut tells me it means something or is trying to speak to me about something, but I am baffled.

The dream is pretty much the same, alternately I am in a situation where I enter the door at home or work and on the wall across from the door are a variety of clocks; plain, ornate, small, large and as I watch one by one they stop ticking or moving. When the last clock stops the dream ends abruptly. Any ideas?

C.I. Ottawa

Dear C.I:

Thank you for taking time to share an interesting dream experience via email. And giving me permission to use your dream experience in my blog..

Typically, in most dreams clocks are a representation of time and insights into your stage of development psychologically along with your personality.

It symbolizes how you organize and plan your life. I am inclined to interpret the happenings in your dream to be depicting you and your life.

My intuitive sense of you, is that you are a person who is ultra-organized, goal, and schedule conscious ... most likely to an extreme.

I found it most interesting your description of the variety and types of clocks. My thoughts are these various clocks represent elements of your life that are moving, ticking along.. perhaps too quickly and are stopping (asking for attention) one by one.

The fact that you enter (work or home) and immediately are confronted with the wall of clocks suggests to me that your subconscious is trying to get your attention (as you arrive) before you get occupied with any other tasks or distractions.

So maybe consider stepping back and analyzing.. how you actually schedule your life.

Ask yourself… How much time do you spend.. at work, play, love, relaxing? Is it too much, or is it enough?

Maybe all this scheduling of your life has caused you to stagnate inside (stopping clocks) and that this dream was conjured by your mind to get your attention ..and to encourage you to re-evaluate your own psychological development and prioritizing of your time. To perhaps consciously seek a more peaceful and balanced time commitment to all the things that are truly important to you.

Thank you for a sending a interesting dream to interpret.

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