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Cleansing Gemstones and Crystals

Dear Saveta: - I have with pleasure been a faithful reader of your newsletter and thought I would request clarification on how specific Gemstones and Crystals are to be cleared before using them for any type of energy work whether it be meditation or health for example?

A.Y. Hamilton

Dear A.Y.

Thank you for the kind words about my effort with my Newsletter. It has been a labor of love. In reference to your question…

Steps to clear Gemstones and Crystals

There are three main ways to “clear” the energy from a particular piece – cleansing with water, incense, or sunlight.

Water -take whatever stones you have purchased and soak them one, two or three at a time (I find this works best) with a solution of water half to 1 full cup and half teaspoon of salt (sea salt is ideal). Make sure they are well soaked and leave them out to dry on a metal or glass or wood plate/bowl on the windowsill (never use plastic) ideally between 10 am and 2 pm. Even if it is overcast, sunlight will still be strong enough to cleanse the pieces. Once they are completely dry, wipe or polish with a natural cloth, cotton, silk, or wool, to remove any remaining salt crystals

Incense Method - - best to use sandalwood, jasmine, patchouli, or cedar incense. Light cone or stick pass each piece one at a time through the incense smoke for a total of three passes. Why cleanse stone in the first place? To remove any residual energy from other people or things that the crystals may have encountered on their journey to you. In majority of cases, the concern is not whether the residual energy might be especially negative, but that energetically the crystal’s energy is clear to allow for an uninterrupted link to your energy and your energy alone with the energy of the piece in question.. I believe in cleansing stones at least monthly. This is a good idea particularly for stones you use regarding health, love, and meditation goals and efforts.

How to use stones – The general rule of thumb for beginners is to place stones/crystals on left side of the body to benefit the physical and emotional self. On the right side to benefit the mental and intellectual self.

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