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Birthday Candle Omens

Dear Saveta :

Would you happened to hear about or know anything about Omens involving birthday candles?

My grandmother on my dad’s side is Welsh and when I was little and she was present for any family party; she would insist the candles be lit… but watched for a moment to see if they might reveal something special before they would be allowed to be blown out.

Any thoughts on this topic Saveta would be appreciated.

Most of us celebrate birthdays in our immediate family between last week of August to third week of December.

I would love to pass along some interesting Birthday Candle Omen info to my family,


Owen Sound

Dear W. C.

Thank you for taking the time to email an interesting request.

Very neat to hear of your Welsh grandma. Omens involving birthday candles cover many nationalities and cultures based on references I checked.

Hopefully, you will find the following interesting…

The following omens apply to the birthday person being honored…

If one or more candle(s) produces a quick spark on the wick it is said to indicate an unexpected letter or correspondence about to arrive, that will connect to some unexpected trip in the near future.

A large glow on at least two or more candles foretells a windfall of money to whoever lit the candle(s).

Candles burning with a steady "blue" flame indicate positive presence of spirits.

After making a wish...

If any candles remain burning this was said to indicate (in increments of seven days) "delays" before wishes asked for would come to pass.

If all candles extinguish easily when blown and produces lots of smoke, this foretells some kind of "extra" or positive intention will be included to the wish being fulfilled.

If candles are difficult to light, can indicate celebrant carries a grudge or hurt feelings they need to let go of from their past.

If lit candle flames perform lots of bouncing before they are extinguished it can mean, wishes fulfilled will unexpectedly benefit others besides the celebrant.

And as a final aside, our family tradition with birthday candles... follows a Chinese tradition.

Regardless of birthday age... number of candles placed on a cake is always three only.

Three candles to represent blessings/ wishes fulfilled to “cover” the person’s past, present and future.

Additionally, this birthday tradition typically starts from age about twenty and onward.

The practice is followed as to not “reveal” the true age of a person as not to cause “embarrassment “over too having too many candles on a cake.

Before age twenty decorating a cake with either numbered candles or grouping of candles coinciding with a person’s age is considered very auspicious.

It is said to cause positive effects of birthday wishes or blessings to carry lasting effects into next twelve months till next birthday.

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