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Baby and Pregnancy Tidbits

You can use a pregnant women’s wedding band to help discern the newborn’s gender.

For those of you who wish precise details…

Use a piece of white cotton or silk thread, 10’ length and use a total of three knots to affix the thread to the ring

The person holding the ring and thread is doing what officially referred to as dowsing for the baby’s gender.

The dowser should hold the ring directly in the middle of the pregnant tummy, relax their mind and arm as much as possible and wait patiently, (can sometimes be several minutes) until you notice the subtle but distinct movement in the suspended ring.

Left to right or counterclockwise motion = baby girl.

Right to left or clockwise motion = baby boy.

It is rare but you can get two distinctive combinations of clockwise and counterclockwise may indicate the presence of twins.

Special note: Try if possible, to have the woman whose tummy you are dowsing lay down in a comfortable position with the tummy bare. The accuracy can be artificially influenced by dowsing with the tummy covered clothing especially with the colors of pink and blue.

Timing of Intercourse may affect gender..

If you have intercourse when the moon is in a feminine sign, i.e. Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces you increase the likelihood of conceiving a female child.

If you have intercourse when the moon is in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius you will increase chances of a male birth.

Pregnancy and Baby Lore

It is considered inauspicious for a pregnant mother to buy clothes for the child by herself. Clothing received as a gift is fine.

In certain cultures, it is considered especially important to fasten directly on baby’s clothing or their buggy a ribbon of distinct red color. Why you ask? The practice has belief that something vividly red will distract any negative intent from a person wishing to fix a gaze of any dark motivation towards the child in question.

Bells or any other item that makes a tinkling sound is considered incredibly lucky fastened to the buggy and or baby’s shoes.

Among the Chinese an elaborate family get together is held to celebrate the baby’s first month of life after birth. Apparently the belief this is a form of thank you to the Gods that the baby saw a complete phase of the moon without incident. This was viewed as a sign that the child was likely to flourish from that point forward.

Among certain cultures gifting a newborn particular items enhances certain attributes and blessings.

Among South American and African people gifting a small stuffed animal or picture is said to impart the following traits.

Swan – grace and beauty

Elephant – endurance, good luck, and wisdom Lion – courage Cat – gracefulness and independence Teddy Bear – physical strength and confidence Horse – ambition Frog – many descendants Snake -protection form hidden enemies Dog – loyal friends Duck -helpful friends (most bird depictions apply) Turtle – wisdom to learn easily from mistakes and long life Dragons – all blessings possible from the Gods Owl – wisdom and courage to stand alone Squirrel – ambition and drive Bear – keeping their own counsel Butterflies – always seeking a spiritual and enlightened path Rabbit – desire for family with many descendants

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