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Psychic Workshops:
Time: All classes run Sunday 10am – 4pm

Face & Body Reading - Beginner Level - 24-September-2017
Do you know what shape of eyes suggests honesty? What type of mouth indicates promiscuity? What shaping of hands show sincerity? A wealth of information is available via the human face and body if you knew how to read and interpret the indicators!
Feng Shui - Beginner Level - 1-October-2017 - WORKSHOP FULL
Come learn some of the fascinating principals of Feng Shui….Chinese System of placement…Discover your best directions for your…home, office, bedroom doors to be facing to ensure positive energy with health money and love. Do you know what your best colors are for a car? Your business card? Your wallet or purse? according to Feng Shui. Discover some valuable information to increase good luck and prosperity on all levels in life for you and those you love and care for

Meditation, Relaxation & Visualization - Beginner Level - 15-October-2017
Could you use a boost to your energy, memory, concentration and stress management? Come and learn a series of safe and effective ways to empower and take care of yourself in all areas of your life.

Palm Reading - Beginner Level - 22-October-2017 - WORKSHOP FULL
Do you know which hand tells of your future and which your past? Which finger indicates if a person is a good communicator or an introvert? Do you know how long your money line runs? Which lines are marriage and romance? Come and discover how to unlock some truly fascinating information about the palm and what it can foretell!

Psychic Development - Beginner Level - 5-November-2017
Learn to identify and understand what type of intuitive abilities you may possess, how best to safely develop them. Additionally each student will be introduced to at least two methods to effectively do their own readings. Come and learn about yourself and others on an intuitive level!
Registration must be received minimum 1 week prior to class.
Fees: $150.00 Cdn – Includes all handouts, materials, light lunch and snacks.
Payment due in full at time of registration
Payment Method: Pre-paid Cash, e-transfer, Visa or MasterCard
NEW! e-transfer payment accepted to Saveta's email. In the comments, please specify the Workshop Name, Date, Your Name, and Phone Number. Depending on which workshop, please use the following corresponding e-transfer password: sep24 | oct1 | oct15 | oct22 | nov5
Call to Register: 905.522.3331 or 289.291.4011
Cancellation Policy – if student cancels two weeks previous to start of class 100% refund applies. If cancellation occurs less than two weeks to start of class 50% of refund applies.
Hurry! – Class size limited
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