Psychic Consultation:

In Person Psychic Consultation:

Call 905-522-3331 for an appointment. It is my office policy to book any/all in person psychic consultations by phone only NEVER via the internet. All in person psychic consultations are by appointment only and taped if the client wishes as a courtesy.

Each client is welcome to bring photos and/or business cards of people they wish to cover in the course of the reading. The number of photos allowed is dependant on the length of appointment (see chart below)

By Phone Psychic Consultation:

Forward by email a photo of yourself (old passport photos are fine) and depending on length of reading the photo and/or business card of anyone you wish to discuss during your phone consultation (see chart below). Additionally all phone consultations with the exception of overseas clients are booked by phone only never via the internet. No recordings of phone conversations are available from Saveta

Possible Sample Questions:

Picture #3 Saveta is my mother Anne what do you see with her health within the next 12 months?

Picture #4 Saveta is my husband Bruce and Picture #5 is his brother Mitch what do you see happening within their construction business within the next 12 months?

Picture #2 Saveta is my eldest daughter Karen, when you you see her successfully conceiving a child?

Saveta Maria Young mailing address to send photos or business cards for telephone reading is:

Saveta Maria Young
2232 Queensway Drive
Burlington, Ontario
L7R 3T1
Total Time: Cost (Cdn) Photos Questions
30 Minutes $160.00 3 12
45 Minutes $220.00 4 18
60 Minutes $280.00 6 24
90 Minutes $380.00 9 36

Contact Info

Contact Info